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Naturally, visually simple games like Disgaea’ will run smoother than 3D, over the top graphical shooters, like Black’. In short, your computer will never completely be a PlayStation 2.

We’ll be guiding you through this process in a few simple steps. Step 1 – Download and install PCSX2 PCSX ) and an installation file. Just install or extract it to the folder of your choice.

Step 2 – Getting the BIOS files Contrary to the first PlayStation, the PlayStation 2 uses several BIOS files. Basically, these are the hardest to find. Because they are copyrighted material, you are only allowed to own these files if you also own a PlayStation 2.

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MakeUseOf does NOT encourage piracy! This is also the reason why it’s illegal to host these files online. If you actually own a PlayStation 2 though, it’s not illegal to download them (laws may differ in your country). So now you basically have two options layed out for you. You can either dump them from your PlayStation 2 yourself, or find someone else who dumped them and who put the files online.

On this last website you can find the ROM1, eROM and the SECAM-, NTSC- and PAL BIOS files you’ll need. Again, you must’nt download them if you don’t have a PlayStation 2. You can put these files in a folder of you’re choice.

Step 3 – Running PCSX2 and configuring BIOS, video and definitely travel endless zero-cost psn code a life playstation network card hack free the way to reduce psn codes and furthermore cards go green along with our pretty fast controller input The program comes in two different versions. One version uses TLB (pcsx2t. exe), the other one Virtual Memory (pcsx2.

exe). First of all, try running the VM version. The program will try to reallocate the memory, after which you have to log off and on again. If it fails to do so, you’ll have to use the TLB version.

This one is somewhat slower, but according to the developers the speed difference is not that great. After you’ve started up, select Config’ –< Configure'. First, we're going to configure our BIOS. Press Set Bios Directory' and select the folder where you've put your BIOS files. Back in the Configuration screen, select the correct region from the Bios drop-down menu.

You might want to change this now and then, depending on your games. Next, the video plug-ins.

PCSX2 comes with ZeroGS KOSMOS and GSdx9 plug-ins. A Ps2 Output’ window (which looks similar to the command screen) normally opened when you started PCSX2. Else, temporarily close the Configuration screen, select Misc’ –< Enable Console' and restart the program. In this Ps2 Output screen, look if Detected SSE2' is stated under Features. If not, you might want to choose the no SSE2' video plug-in. If you press the Configure…' button under the video drop-down menu, you can tweak graphic related options like screen size, toggle full-screen, anti-aliasing and more.

As for the controller. I highly recommend LilyPad. This is one of the most adjustable plug-ins. You can use keyboard, mouse and controller input. There even is a setting so you can use your Guitar Hero guitar. Just download it here. and drop it in the plugins directory. If you’ve used the installer, that would be C:Program FilesPcsx20. Re-open the Configuration screen, select LilyPad from the drop-down menu and press configure.

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